Today Tonight took the council and Surfers Paradise to task over their snubbing of us at events.  If we are not the face of Surfers Paradise can someone tell us who or what is ?  We will survive as we have over the last six decades, and thank all our fans for your support !


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For a number of years we have been championing the case that the Surfers Paradise Alliance, a body wholly funded by the Gold Coast City Council, has failed in promoting the interests of the Surfers Paradise traders.  This is most evident in the recent snubs our golden girls have received at events co-ordinated by the Alliance.  Mike Winlaw, the CEO of this council slush fund even says that we are not the face of Surfers Paradise.  

Wednesday, 09 November 2011 13:54

Secret Rendezvous

The iconic Gold Coast Metermaids release a teaser for the exciting single celebrating the 50th year in 2014.

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